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Statybų Ekonominiai Skaičiavimai
(Economical Calculations for Construction)

Rimvydas Mikalauskas
Butrimonių st. 5-209, LT50203 Kaunas
Phone/Fax. (+370 37) 313 420

Saulius Mikalauskas
Butrimonių st. 5-209, LT50203 Kaunas
Phone/Fax. (+370 5) 270 16 44
Cellular (+370 686) 201 96

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The program corresponds to the highest standards of construction and maintenance cost calculations and documentation. The modular, flexible structure of the program allows adjustment to any user's requirements, thats why it is suitable both for the private consumer, as for dozens of jobs having a large company or organization. The extensive import and export capabilities supports users with the freedom to communicate with other participants in the construction process.


• Especially simple and convenient;
• The usual structure of documentation;
• Extra flexible work with estimates, simple creating, inexhaustible possibilities of editing
• Highly functional selection of resources;
• All estimates of the standard printed form, unlimited quantity of additional and individual forms;
• Unsurpassed export and import formats;
• Extra flexible reports of job completion;
• All aggregate calculations, reports, sheets;
• Copying from a single digit to entire complexes;
• Various possibilities for networking, team work;
• Ability to run application from any network computer without installing it there;
• Professional user support and maintenance;
• The complete normative base of the works, all prices from 1994 up today and latest fixes;
• Lithuanian, Russian, English, Latvian interfaces
• Russian Federation state construction and repair base (GESN), Belorus construction and repair base (1991, 2001, 2007);

Working with lists



• Up to 20 lists as in local, or somewhere in the network;
• You can work in all lists;
• You can see the contents of several complexes or objects at the same time;
• The view isn‘t overloaded by control elements, all actions accesible through the contextual menu;
• User is free to copy or move any element using standart means;
• All created documents are displayed in hierarchical tree-like way; nodes can be collapsed or expanded;
• All documents and their groups can be composed in several variants, expanding the flexibility even more;  
• You can settle resource names, codes, prices, quantities, etc. in all estimates at once in one step via selection of resources (either from separate estimate, or the whole object or complex); 


Working with the estimate



• Excel-like sheet interface;
• Especially simple editing of all values: values are conducted directly to the cell, autocalculation is always on;
• „Goal seek“ function: user can edit any sum directly, then application recalculates quantities or prices or resources to achieve the goal  value;
• You can calculate in any „official“ price levels, or user‘s own ones;
• You can calculate in any currency; if the estimate revised in the euro, all other actions (for example, insertion of new resources) will also be performed in euros;
• Free breakdown of estimate to sections and subsections;
• You can „parametrize“ the section, mkaing section for, say, one square meter and adding the quantity for it;
• Full copying possibilities: from single digit to the entire section
• Comprehensive editing of resources;
• You can temporarily include all or only selected taxes and other post-calculations (as site expenses) and work directly with a „brutto estimate";
• Unlimited number of forms of the estimates, all can be easily adjusted to the specific needs;
• Borders, fills, fonts, colors, pictures, etc.;
• There are step by step restoration (undo, redo);
• Ability to use formulas ;
• many other. 


Works, resources, costs

• One window for all work normatives and resources (labour, materials, equipment, machinery);
• Selection through browsing in list or searching mode (according to one or more words in the whole database or selected area);
• Representation with full contents or simplified;
• Any number of databases can be worked with (normative, users own, etc.);
• Resources are inserted either as separate item, or to join with others;
• Works and resources can be browsed-out or picked by code ("express way");
• Selecting works or resources, or entering the code, automatically displays the price per unit;
• You can edit works or resources in any way, change some conditions or coefficients, add work composition in the form of comments, etc.;
• All settings, such as: cost levels,  options to display information, etc.  can be adapted very easily, and every user can create a comfortable environment for himself;
• The complete normative base (construction and installation, repair, restoration, road construction and maintenance, land reclamation, etc. works), all supplements and fixes.